Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bumps in the Road

Friday was 14wks for Parker, and some ups and downs came along with!

First off, we had a great Memorial Day weekend at the lake last weekend! Kyle's birthday was great! I think he got lots of special treatment considering he got lots of his faves (chicken supreme, brownstone front cake, margaritas, eggs benedict...)
 Then last week was pretty typical until Friday... I had an appointment at the doctor for Parker because his eczema had flared up over the week and it seemed to be bothering him. So, on the way to the doctor the AC in my car just stops working! Cold air one second... hot the next! Parker was already fussy because he was getting hungry and itchy - so throw in a little extra heat and you have a VERY cranky baby! Once we got to our appointment, we got some great news though! She gave us a prescription steroid oil to take care of the flare up of eczema and told us to use Selsun Blue for his cradle cap. She said just use the oil for 5 days and his skin should get back to normal, then just maintain the moisturizing and use the oil if we see another flare up coming on.

I also mentioned he had just been more fussy and not taking full bottles during the day, but I attributed it to being uncomfortable from his skin. She wanted to check things out just to be sure... well, the boy already has a tooth under his gums!!! She said it would be a few weeks before it broke through, but it was definitely there! (That explains the drooling too!) She was also impressed that he rolled at 10 wks - she said, "We are just going to have to call him Parker Early Gordon because he keeps hitting his milestones ahead of time!" He is also up to 13 lbs... getting bigger, but still skinny.

The rest of the day was just crazy! I needed an oil change and inspection anyway, so I went straight to the shop to have that done and have them look at the AC. Well, my insurance expired May 30, and I forgot to put the new card in the car... couldn't get the car worked on! So I went home to try to cool off Parker. I also wanted to give him a bath and do his cradle cap shampoo and body oil... so in the process of getting him ready I managed to get peed and pooped on. That takes some talent on Parker's part! Once I got him taken care of I had to pack and get ready to leave town. I also had other errands to run... so needless to say it was crazy and just one of those kind of days where nothing goes right!

We made it down to Austin safely though (thankfully Muffy was gracious enough to let us borrow her mini-van to avoid the heat). Parker usually just sleeps the whole way, but not that day! He fussed and fussed... The weekend was great though! We stayed with Kyle's brother Justin and his wife Jenn at their new house (which is beautiful by the way). They had a baby shower on Saturday, which was lots of fun! It is going to be so exciting that our boys will be 6 mos apart - they will have so much fun growing up together. We got to see everyone for dinner on Saturday to celebrate Kyle's birthday with his family (he managed to get ANOTHER brownstone front cake).

We had to head back early yesterday though to make it back for the Raising Cane's summer picnic. We stopped at the new store in Waco - it seems to be doing really well so far! The picnic was fun and Kyle's store won the contest for Best Drive-Through Greeting. It was so big this year with all the new stores in Dallas and the HQ employees joining as well. There were also tons of babies right around Parker's age! It was fun to see them all together.

Parker's latest trick this week is slowly learning to sit up. He has been really strong with holding his head up since he was born. He also does well when someone holds him around his waist on their lap, but today I started letting him do a little more on his own. I sat him on the floor and just held his hands for balance. He did great! I was so proud! I also sat him in the Bumbo to get some practice that way too. He started to get a little lean when he was tired, but he didn't get frustrated. He'll get it on his own before too long!
Parker and I are headed to San Antonio on Thursday for the Sportsman's Team Challenge Nationals (shooting competition). Sadly Kyle won't be able to make it with his work schedule, so we are going with my Mom and Dad. It should be fun, but I haven't had nearly enough practice this year! I guess I've been a little busy ;)

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  1. im sure your doctor gave you great rememdies for eczema, but one thing that worked well for us was mixing A&D ointment in Lani's lotion. it has a vaseline like texture and keeps their skin moist longer. Aquafer mixed with lotion works well too!